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Today I cosplayed costumed as Hit Girl. Carnival is always annoying but since I can't escape it, it's better to put on a costume and have at least a bit fun (^_−)−☆

How do I look? ^^;

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Congrats to Peter Dinklage for receiving a Golden Globe!

Oh and I love this picture espacially.

I will miss Khal Drogo...

How am I supposed to endure the waiting until the new season starts?

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Happy Birthday Mr. Bowie

Thank you for your music, your movies and for being there.

Happy new year to everyone ♡♡♡

btw. this is drawn by http://kamapaints.tumblr.com/

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My cute collection ♥♥

Today I decided it was time again for cleaning my glass cabinett…and what the hell happend?A piece of my lovely Sakura Kinomoto chess figure broke…T.T

And what’s this yellow color? The other figures are still in beautiful white…

But okay, shit happens…

Here is the rest of the collection:

Actually Ezio Auditore isn’t mine, it’s my bf’s, but who cares XD

And I really catched all those picks at concerts, actually I even have some more…

Here are some clamp in 3D figures…

And the clamp chess figures, still the white king is missing…

And because it’s funny:

Ah, there is one of LaReine’s first demo tapes, I got it from ebay (of course)

This years christmas presents ♥

Finder vol. 6
Captain America calendar
Loki Action figure
Iron Man comic: Director of Shield
Doctor Who Vol. 2
A Yoga frog
Some cosmetic stuff
Fanart of Hiddles
Coupon for books (Yay! I will buy new manga next month)
A chain
Can with flowers...

I love my people ♥

And I hope you all had a wonderful x-mas time, too.

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Twitter again XD I love it!

There's no need to say more XD